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Americos Industries Inc. was established with the aim of providing high-quality products & services to meet specific customer needs for dyestuffs, enzymes and abrasives used in manufacturing.

Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff members are highly educated in the field of textile chemical technology and have years of experience.

In order to encourage a high degree of innovation and allow for increased flexibility in product customization, we invest in the continuing training of our company's members.

Business Operations
Americos Industries Inc. with its skilled technical staff is always ready to assist all its current and future customers to formulate, develop and produce products that meet their requirements. The research and development team at Americos Industries Inc. is consistently focused on new application development.
We share our extensive knowledge with our clients in order to help them to become the leaders in their field. In addition, our technical people provide an excellent after sales service if required by customers.

Our salespeople are backed by a strong local team which, in turn, is supported by a corporate team with specialized technical, financial and management capabilities.
Our sales team is composed of both business and technical people who know that only by helping customers make a profit can they expect to succeed.

Thorough Quality Maintenance
We have begun our application for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification. To that end, we consistently maintain a high standard of quality, at every level. In addition, our company is eco-friendly, actively working to keep our environment clean.

Our Research and Development CenterAmericos Industries Inc.
Our focus has always been on producing 'concept-driven' chemicals. Senior scientists and experts of the textile research association have designed and set up our State-of-the Art R&D Center. Furthermore, we are a corporate member of AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists). AATCC is the world's largest technical and scientific society devoted to the advancement of textile chemistry.

The objective of this center is to achieve new developments and technologies in the garment and finishing industries. Americos is committed to provide the latest technologies.

Our R & D center is innovatively designed and divided into two sections :
  1. Chemical Synthesis Section
  2. Application Section
The major activities in the Chemical Synthesis Section are : The major activities in the Application Section are: Our State-of-the-Art R&D Center is supervised by well-qualified and experienced textile chemical technologists who share a wealth of information for garment manufacturers and out customers.

Our Products
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Fluorescent Brighteners | Abrasives | Dyestuffs | Food Enzymes | Finishing Chemicals

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