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TEXTILE ENZYMES We offer varied range of textile enzymes that are used in chemical processing of different types of fabrics and finished textile articles.
- Alpha-Amylase
- Bio-Polishing
- Cellulase Enzyme
- Peroxide Removal - Bio-Scouring
- Clean up Enzyme
- Wool Softening

Smart Colorants

Smart Colorants Dye is a substrate showing its colour by absorption & reflection of light; it is affected greatly by circumstances. Thermochromic dyes have a characteristic whereby the colour changes according to temperature.
- Thermochromic Colors
- Photochromic Colors
- Glow in Dark Colors
- Tri-Functional Colors
- Dy-soft and Discharge to White


- Silicone Softeners
- Elastomer Softener
- Silicone for Whites
- Hydrophilic Softener
- Cationic Flakes
- Softner for Jari
- Non-Ionic Softeners
- Anti-Ozone Softeners


- Cationizer
- Machine Cleaner
- Textile Binder
- Blooming Agent
- Deepening Coloring Agent for


- Non-Pigment Based Direct
   Fixing Color

- Neutralizer
- Booster for Fixing Color
- Color Fixer
- Viscosity Builder
- Anti-Re-Depositing Agent
- White Pigment
- Anti-Back Staining Agent
- Wrinkle Making Chemical for
   Denim Garment

- Indigo Fixing While Bleaching


SPECIALITY Finishes Our comprehensive range comprises well-fabricated specialty finishing agent that are widely used in textile industry.
- Color Enhancer
- Insect Repellent
- Mosquito Repellent
- Paper Finish
- Stain-guard Finishing Agent
  for Dust
- Oil and Water Repellent Finish
- Luster Removal Agent
- Anti-Microbial Treatment
- Micro-encapsulated Fragrance
- Aloe Vera Finish
- Vitamin E Finish
- Wrinkle-Free Treatment
- Flame Retardant Finish


TEXTILE AUXILIARIES We provide our clients a wide array of Textile Auxiliaries and Raw Material. These include Printing Binders and Washing Auxiliaries which are used in textile industry. Besides this, our range is also used for laminating gold/silver foils on textile fabric.
- Emulsifying Cum Wetting Agent
- Peroxide Stabilizer
- Sequestering Agent
- Wetting Agent
- Scouring Agent
- Retarder and Leveling Agent
- Mercerizing Agent
- Levelling Agent
- Anti-Foaming Agent
- Dye Fixing Agent
- Dispersing Agent

Fluorescent Brighteners

Fluorescent Brighteners
- Powder Optical Brightener for
- Liquid Optical Brightener for

- Liquid Optical Brightener for


- Blasting Sand
- Pumice Stone
- Thickener for Disperse Dyes
- Thickener for Pigments
- Optical Brightener for Polyester
- Binder for Glitter
- Stone Wash


DYESTUFFS We offer excellent quality of dyestuffs for various applications in dyeing and printing of cotton, polyster, wool and blended fabrics. We offer basic dyes and solvents dyes for paper inks, leather and miscellaneous applications.
- Basic Dyestuffs
- Azoic Dyestuffs
- Mordant Dyestuffs
- Acid Dyes
- Flucorescent Brightener
- Solvent Dyestuffs
- Vat Dyestuffs
- Direct Dyes
- Edible Dyestuffs
- Disperse Dyestuffs
- Reactive Dyes


FOOD ENZYMES Americos has a wide range of food enzymes having applications in protein digestive enzymes, baking enzymes, dietetics enzymes, enzymes, fruit and vegetable processing enzymes enzymes.
- Baking
- Dietetics
- Flavour - Fruit & Vegetable Processing


Flavors Americos has a wide spectrum of flavors, concentrates, essential oils, flavor chemicals and colors for various industries.
- Flavors


Americos Probiotics are friendly microbes that help keep the human digestive system stable and running smoothly. Probiotics are found naturally in yoghurt.
- Probiotics


- PVA Dispersion
- Optical Brightener for Cellulosics
- Leather Finish for Textiles/Garments
- Rubbery Finish

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